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Logo and Accolade Licensing

Thank you for your interest in Logo and Accolade Licensing from Fortune. PARS International is the authorized licensing agent for Fortune. 


Were you featured on a FORTUNE list or ranking?

Let’s work together. The PARS Team will present you with a breadth of licensing options and help you create a licensing package tailored to your promotional needs.

Why It's Important

Increased Brand Exposure — Licensed content, particularly logos and accolades that appear in advertising, marketing and recruiting efforts, expose your brand to a wide audience.

Positive editorial coverage, awards and accolades provide a credible third-party endorsement. Strengthen trust in your brand through licensing awards and accolades. The PARS team will customize licensing packages to suit your needs.


Leverage your positive edit with marketing and promotional licensing.

The PARS team will customize licensing packages to suit your needs. Typical uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Owned Media such as your corporate website and organic social media
  • Paid Media including digital and print media, paid social, and OOH
  • In-Store Display
  • Third-Party Retail
  • Trade Shows & Events
  • Corporate Presentations, Reports and Newsletters

Social Media

Print Ads

Outdoor Signs

Corporate Website

Email Signatures


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