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Lipper Awards

This prestigious industry achievement can be a valuable selling point to promote your firm with wealth managers and institutions. Driven by Lipper’s renowned fund data and proprietary quantitative methodology, the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards reflect a truly independent and uncompromised assessment of performance.
Your win entitles your firm to license the official Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award logo and refer to the win in advertising and marketing. A complimentary download of the official certificate commemorating your win is available and professionally produced plaques, framed prints and other merchandise may be available in your region. To manage the distribution, usage and integrity of the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award logo and accolade, Refinitiv has partnered with PARS International Corp. to assist with your needs.

Below Are Some Examples of Licensing Uses

Social Media

Print Advertising

Corporate Website

Performance Reports

E-mail Marketing

Trade Show Exhibits


In addition to logo and accolade licensing, we also offer high quality plaques and framed certificates to help you to memorialize your achievement.

Bamboo Plaques

Metal Plaques

Framed Certificates

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