Logo and Accolade Use Guidelines


Thank you for working with PARS International. We are happy to help you market your company’s appearance in prestigious editorial content.

Licensing Logos and Accolades and utilizing them in your marketing is the best way to boast about your win.

The information provided in these guidelines will help ensure that your company maximizes the value of its purchase while adhering to publisher guidelines and the terms of the license.



About Logo & Accolade Licensing

Positive third-party recognition from a respected brand like [PUBLICATION NAME] is invaluable. Awards lend credibility to your company, brand and services and solidify your industry leadership. Using award or list designations you’ve received in leading publications is one of the best promotional tools available. Promotional use of these winning designations is available through Logo & Accolade Licensing.

Logos & Accolades are copyrighted and trademarked content so all uses must be licensed and approved. As the official licensing partner for some of the most exclusive lists, PARS will help you license Logos & Accolades for approved uses within publisher guidelines. Logos may be used in their standard format or, to further qualify your achievement, they can be annotated with relevant text such as “We Made the List!,” “2nd Year in a Row!” orWe Did It Again!”.

You may also opt to use an Accolade. Accolades are text designations that combine your company or brand name with the name of the list on which you’re featured or the award you’ve received. Accolades  may be used separately or in conjunction with the Logo. While use of the Logo is most popular, Accolades are a helpful option when there are unique design requirements or space limitations.


PARS offers a broad range of Logo & Accolade licensing options from corporate and promotional use to full multimedia advertising campaigns.

  • Corporate Co-Branded Merchandise
  • Corporate Reports
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Corporate Website
  • Direct Mail
  • E-mail Marketing
  • E-mail Signatures
  • Indoor/Outdoor signage
  • Out-of-Home & Billboard (OOH)
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Press Releases
  • Print Advertising
  • Printed & Electronic Brochures
  • Promotional Video
  • Radio Advertising
  • Social Media (Owned & Paid)
  • Television Advertising
  • Trade shows & exhibits
  • Web Advertising

The PARS Team will help you explore individual options and custom licensing packages that fit your promotional plans and budget. Licenses can be purchased for one time only or for up to 12 months based on the intended use. Special allowances are often made for extension beyond the 12-month term; the majority of licenses are renewable upon expiration.


  • Customers may not create or modify logo files.
  • All annotated logos are created by PARS and are subject to publisher approval.
  • Logos are delivered in publisher approved fonts and colors and are usually available in greyscale.
  • Alternate colors (e.g., to match with your advertising creative) may be available and are subject to publisher approval.
  • Logos may be scaled in their original proportions and must be used in their entirety.

If you have a particular design challenge in incorporating the logo or accolade into your layout, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.



Credit notices and disclaimers are required to be published in conjunction with the use of Logos and Accolades. Their inclusion protects the copyrighted content, legitimizes the use, readily identifies the use as authorized and explains any limitations of the use.

Required credit notices and disclaimers are outlined in the Terms & Conditions of your licensing agreement.

In general:

  • Notices and disclaimers must appear in connection with, immediately following, or on the same page where the Logo or Accolade first appears in each layout.

In cases where this is not practical, (e.g. logo use in a banner ad), the notice and disclaimer can be placed on the first (linked) page the logo or accolade directs the user to.

  • In some cases the notice will be incorporated in the logo and will not be required to be listed separately. This will be noted in the Terms and Conditions and logo design.
  • Modifications or abbreviations of notices may be permitted in limited instances. If you have any questions regarding the placement of notices, please contact PARS Customer Service Manager, Elana King at 212-221-9595 x230 or elana.king@parsintl.com.



Advertising Use

  • Inclusion of a logo and/or accolade in a layout that will be used in a paid medium. e.g., web banner and video ads; search advertising; television; out-of-home and print ads.
  • Paid Social Media use (e.g. promoted Tweets; sponsored Facebook and LinkedIn posts) are considered Advertising Uses.

Promotional Use

  • Inclusion of a logo and/or accolade in a layout that will be used in an owned medium. e.g., in-store signs, corporate website pages, and brochures printed and distributed to employees and existing customers.
  • Unpaid Social Media use – (e.g., company managed Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages are considered Promotional Uses).



Most logo and accolade licenses require submission of sample and/or actual layouts to PARS for review and approval before the layouts “go live” for any Advertising or Promotional use.

The PARS team will be happy to answer any questions regarding use of logos and accolades, how they apply to your license and how they can be used in your layouts.

In general:

  • Logos and accolades must be distinct (not “attached to” or part of another graphic) within the layout.
  • Logos and accolade use may not imply an endorsement by the publication and must stay “true” to the published content.
  • Most licenses require the posting of a credit notice and/or a disclaimer on the layout. Please see below for details on credit notices and disclaimers.

Your layout submissions will be handled most expediently via e-mail at layoutapproval@parsintl.com.

Layouts are reviewed as they are received and receive feedback generally within one business day. The feedback will consist of approval or recommendations on how to amend the layout in order to receive approval.

PARS will work closely with you to ensure that you receive feedback in time to meet your advertising and promotional deadlines.

If you have any questions about the layout approval process please contact PARS Customer Service Manager, Elana King at 212-221-9595 x 230.

If you have questions about the terms of your license or wish to purchase additional licensed uses please contact your PARS Sales Rep.