Terms & Conditions

Logos, Quotes, Plaques, Reprints, E-Prints, and other Products

  • Many orders, including rush orders and custom display products, orders require payment prior to the design and production process.
  • Turnaround time varies by product and can be affected by factors outside PARS’ control including receipt of Content materials from publisher, receipt of customer provided information (e.g. disclaimers), payment and proof approval.
  • Your PARS Sales and Customer Service Reps can explain the turnaround time for your product.
  • No Cancellation Fee: Same business day cancellations.
  • 50% Cancellation Fee: Cancellation before proof is issued.
  • 100% Cancellation fee:
  • Cancellation by customer after proof has been issued
  • Cancellation due to your company’s Legal/Compliance department disapproval for any reason (including changes to disclosure requirements for financial firms).
  • Cancellation due to customer not approving or making changes to proof within 10 days of proof issuance.
  • Unless otherwise noted, a proof will be provided for all orders except Exact Repeat Orders.
  • All products are designed at the discretion of PARS International according to publisher guidelines.
  • You only have the right to distribute the printed material in the quantity you ordered. The sale of printed material does not include the right to make any reproductions of the material, either in hard copy or in digital format. You are not permitted to distribute or post the printed material online on your website; or to post the material to any social networking site; or to send to third parties via e-mail or any similar method. If you wish to distribute the printed material you ordered electronically, please inquire with PARS International.  You acknowledge that if we discover that the printed material has been distributed in digital format without permission, PARS International may invoice you for such additional usage including an infringement fee and you agree to pay the invoice within 10 days of receipt. This right does not preclude PARS International or the copyright owner from pursuing any additional legal remedy if necessary.
  • PARS’ policy is to NOT accept credit card payments for invoices in excess of $5,000.
  • All fees are provided in and all payments are required in U.S. dollars.
  • Reuse, shipping, handling and sales tax will be added to your invoice if applicable.
  • PARS is not responsible for third party vendor payment services (for example: Ariba), these services add appreciable costs to our collections process. Any Payer choosing to process their invoices through a payment processing company will incur an additional convenience service charge of 3.5% which will be added to your total invoice.
  1. This Order Form serves as a Limited License for use of Content upon PARS’ receipt of both this Order Form signed by Licensee/Agency and full non-refundable payment.
  2. Use of Content is not permitted until PARS’ receipt of both this Order Form signed by Licensee/Agency and full non-refundable payment.
  3. All sales are final and non-cancellable upon PARS’ receipt of this Order Form signed by Licensee/Agency.
  1. Licensee may not alter (e.g., excerpt or edit text, change fonts or colors of logos) the Content unless approved to do so in writing by PARS.
  2. The Content is licensed for English language Use only. If the Content is licensed for Use in any language other than English, Licensee represents that any translation from English to the licensed language will be true and correct and not change the meaning or tone of the Content.
  3. Licensee may not use the Content to advertise products or services, solicit payment, dues, contributions, or applications for membership, or endorse any individual or group for an elected office.
  4. The License extends only to the Content specified on the Order Form to be used only in the selected Uses specified on the Order Form. The Licensee is solely responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any material (including text, photographs, graphics, illustrations and logos) not included on the Order Form.
  5. Other than licensed herein, PARS grants no rights and makes no warranties with regard to the use of names, people, trademarks, trade dress, registered, unregistered or copyrighted designs or works of art or architecture depicted in any photographs or video material included with the licensed Content. Licensee shall be solely responsible for determining whether any additional permissions are required for its use.
  6. The Content licensed hereunder may not be sold, transferred, assigned or relicensed by the Licensee.
  7. CREDIT NOTICE REQUIREMENTS: If a credit notice is not visible in the logo or layout you are provided, Licensee shall provide a conspicuous credit notice as follows: “©2020 [Insert Publisher Name]. Used under license.” Electronic postings of the Logo or Content must link back to the home page of the Content website.
  8. PARS will revoke the Limited License if Licensee breaches any of the terms of this Order Form. Revocation is immediate upon Licensee’s receipt of written notice from PARS. PARS also reserves the right to revoke the Limited License for any reason and shall reimburse the Licensee a pro-rata amount of the fees paid for this Order based on the period of Use unless the revocation is based on Licensee’s breach of the terms of this Order Form, in which case no reimbursement of any fees paid for this Order shall be due.
  9. Licensee shall indemnify and hold PARS and the Rightsholder harmless for any third party claims arising out of or based on the use of the Content in violation of the Limited License granted under this Order Form.
  10. The Order Form is invalid without acknowledgment to these Terms & Conditions.