More than 231,370 articles are licensable from more than 16,000 different books.

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Thank you for your interest in repurposing content from EBSCO. PARS International is the permissions & licensing agent for EBSCO. We offer a full suite of products and services to help you leverage premium EBSCO content across a wide range of uses.

About EBSCO: In business since 1944, EBSCO is the leading provider of research databases, e-journal and e-package subscription management, book collection development and acquisition management, and a major provider of library technology, e-books and clinical decision solutions for universities, colleges, hospitals, corporations, government, K12 schools and public libraries worldwide.

 Need to include articles, excerpts, videos, or front pages in your book, film, TV, Museum, or educational project?

The PARS team will clear copyright and create a license for your non-promotional uses.

Extraction Parameters

Articles in the archive can be extracted and delivered based on any combination of the following parameters:

  • Reading Level/Audience
  • Publishers
  • Book Subjects
  • Individual Book Titles
  • Article Primary and Secondary Subjects

Books Sold By Subject

Biography   19,236 

Business  1605

Chemistry  209

Current Issues    5,242

Education    902

General History    3,872

General Interest   292

Health and Medical    2,534

Health Science    99

Industry Report  1,446

Literature   36,389

Occupation   573

Physics    105

Science   8,987

Sociology   1,358

Space Science   130

U.S. History   6,681

World History   3,596

Young Readers   4,834

Not Tagged  133,280

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